Wondersleep Air Mattress Review-20″ Height With Internal Pump

Whether you’re traveling or you’re setting up family members for the night, having a high-quality air mattress is going to make your life a lot easier. However, most of these products are rather flimsy and don’t offer much in the way of support or relief. We, here, are giving you Wondersleep air mattress reviews, a great airbed with high capacity internal pump.

Fortunately, with the Wondersleep Air Mattress, you get something that can rival most beds. This item is well regarded by all that use it, which is why we are looking at everything that it offers here.

DreamCoil Technology

So what is it about the Wondersleep Air Mattress that makes it so much better than the competition? Well, it’s all about the DreamCoil technology. Like standard mattresses, the interior of this model is made up of coils that help distribute your body weight and provide the support and comfort you deserve.

The dream coils are arranged in a 7×5 setup, and each one is both rigid and stable. This helps relieve the issue that plagues most air mattresses, which is that they can collapse and feel flimsy while you’re sleeping on them. The coils help maintain the structure of the bed so that it doesn’t feel like you’re sinking too far down.

Beyond the inclusion of coils in this air mattress, it also comes with a few other excellent features that set it above the competition. Here are a few other highlights that you can expect when using the Wondersleep.

Wondersleep Air Mattress – Quick specifications

Taller Frame

Most air mattresses put you close to the ground, which can make it harder to get on and off. With the Wondersleep, you get extra lift, which provides more cushioning and makes it easier to use.

Puncture-Resistant Material

Don’t worry about the lifespan of this air mattress. Unlike other units out there, the Wondersleep is built to last with a thick, puncture-resistant substance.

Anti-Slide Bottom

Don’t you hate it when your air mattress slides around on the carpet or hardwood flooring? The Wondersleep has a thick material on the bottom that helps keep it in place all night long.

Waterproof Top

let’s hope that there are no nighttime accidents while using this air mattress, but if there are, you can rest easy knowing that the top is flocked and waterproof to keep the unit both clean and ready to go.

Internal Motorized Air Pump

Don’t waste your breath on an air mattress that has to be inflated manually. The Wondersleep has its own pump built-in, which helps you get it up and ready to go that much faster.

As you can see, there are some incredible features for something that looks so simple. As we mentioned, this is an air mattress that rivals most standard beds. It’s in a class all its own, which is why we like it so much.

Customer Reviews

Although we can deliver Wondersleep Air Mattress reviews with all of the benefits it has for pages and pages, we would rather talk about what real people are saying about this product. Since air mattresses are not something you will use that often, you want to get the benefit of other people’s experiences.

The Wondersleep has 799 reviews on Amazon, which is incredible for a product like this. 73% of these responses are overwhelmingly positive with a five-star rating. People love the coil technology and the fact that the mattress is easy to inflate. They also appreciate that it holds air better than most of the competitors out there.

As far as one-star reviews, there are a few (13%), and it seems like these people either got a defective unit or were mishandling their mattress. The number one complaint was that the model didn’t stay inflated, but given that that’s what the top reviews liked most, it’s likely that the company just needs to work on the quality control of each mattress going out.


Multi-layer, puncture-resistant material
DreamCoil technology provides support and firmness
Built-in pump inflates in seconds without an outlet
Large air nozzle allows for rapid deflation as well
Easy to roll up and store in the proprietary bag
Taller frame gifts more lift while sleeping
Waterproof top keeps it clean and mess free
Anti-slip bottom helps the mattress stay in place
Cover is flocked to prevent sheets from sliding
Rutted edges work with fitted sheets as well
One-year limited warranty


In rare cases, the seams may have tiny holes that leak air over time
Air pump can overinflate if you’re not careful

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


When it comes to air mattresses, nothing beats the Wondersleep. Your guests will appreciate the firm support they get, as well as the thickness of the inflated model. You will love how easy it is to set up and take down. It’s a win-win product that delivers on quality and comfort.

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