Learn How To Inflate Air Mattress With A Hand Pump

Air mattresses come in really handy when you need a spare bed. They are great for camping and make cozy beds for your in-laws. These beds are much cheaper than a traditional mattress and they are easy to store. Some people have a difficult time inflating them but fear not because we have you covered! Today we are going to learn how to inflate air mattress with hand pump. This method is super easy and only requires a little muscle power.

Lay Out The Air Mattress

If are wondering how to inflate air mattress with hand pump you have probably never done it before. The first step in the process will require you to clear the area that your air bed is going to be used in. Make sure that all sharp objects are out of the way because they could rip holes in your bed. Next, pull the bed out of the box or bag and stretch it out

Inserting The Pump

After you have your air mattress stretched out on the floor, you can now begin with the inflation process. Find the air intake cap and take it off. You will then need to insert the pump hose into the air intake. Now you can begin pumping air into the bed. Pumping will take a while and depending on the size of the air mattress you may need to take a few breaks in between. If your air bed is queen or king-sized you will probably need some help. Ask a friend or family member to help you pump up the bed. You can take turns which will make the job easier.

Replace The Air Intake Cap

Now that your bed is fully inflated you will need to replace the air intake cap. This is a very important process that you should never forget to do. If you leave the cap off during the night air will slowly leak out and you will end up on the floor. So make sure that you secure the cap before laying on the bed.

Deflate Your Air Bed Manually

Since you don’t have an electric pump to pull the air out of your mattress you will have to do it manually. This process takes a little longer but it is not difficult. Start by taking the air intake cap off and let as much air go out as possible. Next, you will need to go to the opposite end the mattress and slowly start to fold it. This will help push all of the air out so that you can store it. It is very important that you deflate and store any air mattress that you are not using. This will help protect it from damage and prolong the life of the bed.

In Conclusion

Now that you know how to inflate air mattress with hand pump you will be able to do the job in no time. Remember that if the air bed is very large, you might want to get a friend to help. Also, make sure that you deflate the bed when not in use and store it away for safekeeping.

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