How To Cool Memory Foam Mattress

After a long and stressful day out, you lay on your bed to get the rest that you deserve but memory mattress wouldn’t let you. The heat emission is quite on a high side and you want to put an end go that for good. You’re reading the right article: how to cool memory foam mattress.

Memory foam mattresses are sometimes like that. They hold on to heat which causes so much discomfort. Although, not all memory foams trap heat, if yours does, then learn how to cool memory mattress as you read on.

What is memory foam?

​There are different types of memory foams, and most of them are made from a viscoelastic material. The material is a soft and absorptive type. It contours with your body when you are on it, as it responds for pressure and heat. So, no matter your weight, a memory foam distributes it evenly and eliminates pressure points. As a result, it helps relieve pain and prevent it too.

Why do memory foam mattresses get so hot?

As comfortable as memory foams are, they can cause you a lot of heat while sleeping, leaving you drenched in so much sweat. While this issue is common, not all memory foam brands cause heat. Here are some reasons for memory foams heating up so much.

Foam structure: because the foam material used as a topper in memory mattresses needs to be dense for your body to get enough support, they make the toppers from high-density foams. Moreover, the high-density foam uses the heat that generates from your body to mold to your shape. Hence, the heat you experience. If you sleep with a partner, then you may feel more heat during sleep because that means more heat generation from both of you. You will enjoy this heating up during winter as it may help you stay warm instead of feeling cold while sleeping.

​Foam Material: Since the softness of memory foam allows it mold to your body, more of your body’s service area makes contact with the mattress. As a result, it limits airflow and retains heat. Therefore, the tenderness of your memory foam is a basic cause of your sleeping hot. If it were to be a firm mattress, airflow will be on an increase.

How to cool memory mattress

Now that you understand what makes memory foam heat up so much, let’s talk about how to cool your memory mattress.

​Use breathable mattress pads: You can use a cotton mattress pad as a barrier between the topper of your mattress and your bed sheets. It helps to increase breathability. As contradictory as this may sound, a wool mattress pad may also work for you. A wool mattress pad can absorb moisture and regulate your temperature, which will give you more comfort.

​Use gel memory foam topper: A gel memory foam topper might just do the trick. It allows extra air circulation and helps minimize motion transfer. The gel toppers also help to ease aches and many other benefits. So, apart from sleeping cool, there are a lot of other benefits you can get from gel memory foams.

​Use the right sheets: Using the right sheets on your memory foam may help you out as well. Go for moisture-wicking sheets so you can sleep cool. They are built for that purpose. You may also buy high-quality cotton sheets too.

​Keep your room temperature cool: Keep your room cool before sleeping. If the temperature in your house is good enough, you may just sleep fine. Lower your thermostat if that is what it takes for your home to stay cool. Set it for about 30 minutes to an hour before you go to bed.


​Sleeping hot and sweaty will leave you in great discomfort as you will keep tossing and turning. That cannot go on forever as you need your night rest after a stressful day. Certainly, you now know how to cool a memory mattress; therefore, you should utilize this knowledge immediately for a better sleep tonight.

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