How To Pack A Memory Foam Mattress

​If you are moving to a new home or apartment chances are you’re going to bring your mattress with you. As you probably already know mattresses can be bulky and difficult to move. But with a little know how you will be able to get your mattress loaded and into your new home. Below we will learn the best way to move a mattress. These simple tips can really help take the guesswork out of loading a mattress.

how to move a mattress

Get Some Help

Moving a mattress and box spring on your own is a very difficult task. Depending on the size of the mattress it may even be impossible for you to do it alone. Instead of breaking you back why not ask a friend or family member to help? Having two people to tackle the job will help prevent you from getting injured and it will take a load off your mind.

​Besides asking for help moving your mattress from friends and family, you may want to hire a professional. While you will be able to move your smaller items on your own, having someone to move your mattress might be the best option. If you are buying a new mattress from a store they may even offer free delivery.

Make Sure It Will Fit

Before you lug your mattress outside you will need to make sure it will fit in the vehicle you are using for the move. Use a tape measure and find the length and width of the mattress. Then measure the inside of your moving truck to see if you have the room. If not you will need to find a bigger truck to haul your mattress in.

Scope Out Your New Location

Before the day of the move go to your new home or apartment and have a look around. This will give you a better idea of what you have to do to get your mattress inside. Find the easiest route to take the day before you move and things will go much smoother. You may also want to bring a measuring tape to make sure your mattress will fit in certain doors, hallways, and stairways. This will prepare you for moving day and it will also save you a lot of time.

Bring Some Tools

You may have to remove a door to get your mattress inside of your new home. So make sure that you bring along a tool bag with you on the day of the move. If you don’t have a tool bag, a hammer and screwdriver may be all you need. These can be borrowed from a friend or you can go out and purchase them for just a few bucks.

Cover Your Mattress

During a move, things don’t always go smoothly. Spills, rips, and tears are all common problems that you could face if you don’t properly protect your mattress. A great way to prevent any damage from happening is to cover your mattress with something that will protect it. You can purchase plastic mattress covers that will protect your mattress while in transit or you can simply wrap it in old blankets.

Packing A Memory Foam Mattress

If you are wondering how to pack a memory foam mattress you are not alone. This type of mattress can be intimidating when it comes to moving time. But with the right knowledge, you will easily be able to fit your foam mattress into the moving truck. If packed correctly your foam mattress will arrive safely and without issue.

Memory foam mattresses require special packing to keep them from getting damaged during shipment. Choose a box that will allow your mattress to safely fit inside. A box too big will let the mattress shift during shipment and a box too small may crush and damage your mattress. First, you will need to close one side of the box and seal it with packing tape.

Next, you will need to take the open end of the box and begin sliding it around the mattress. You will need to lift and adjust the mattress to help it fit in the box without folding it or trying to roll it up.

There are just a few tips that will make moving a mattress easy. The tips will also help you to protect your investment from any damage that may occur during transit. So make sure to implement them when moving or buying a new mattress.

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