Memory Foam Mattress: Live and Sleep Mattress Review

One of the aspects that determines your productivity in life is the ability to have enough and comfortable sleep. This is where Memory Foam Mattress steps in . Enough sleep finally helps you health-wise, where you should sleep not less than six hours. You cannot have a restful sleep on a poor quality mattress that is when purchasing for a mattress, buy one that will give you peace of mind as you enjoy your sweet rest.

Live and Sleep- Resort ultra 12 – inch Gel- Infused Memory Foam Mattress is the best to take home.

​How to Make the Mattress

The USA manufactured mattress is a product of materials that are friendly to the environment making it a high-quality product. Once you check the mattress design, you will find that it has 2.5 inches of premium air flow Visco foam on top of an inch of gel infused memory foam. The mattress also has an 8.5 inches extra thick high density supporting base.

The Visco foam provides a perfect contour of deluxe cushions that positions you when sleeping in an ideal posture. Therefore, you will have a sleep free of aches and muscle soreness that comes as a result of sleeping in a bad position.

The live and sleep mattress has a fitting of a stretch knit cover made of soft, high-quality
textile which offers you comfort when sleeping. The knit covers are easy to remove when you want to wash it since it has a zip that you later close once the sheet is clean.

Resort sleep ultra-mattress a queen size that weighs about 76 pounds is a product of materials that the US certified with antibacterial, dust mite, and hypoallergenic resistant qualities. Furthermore, the foam used when creating the mattress is first tested independently for materials used safety and physical performance.

When constructing the queen size mattress, live and sleep guarantees that no ozone depleters, no mercury, no prohibited phthalates, no CFCs, no PBDEs, no formaldehyde and low emission for indoor air quality.

The Breathability Of This Mattress

The mattress that has a dimension of 80*60*12 inches extends and stretches over the bed in less than two days’ despite it being rolled up at the time of purchasing it. With its 80 inches assembled length, the mattress can breathe and remove excess heat through the memory foam gel that lies between the soft top and solid bottom base that plays as a cushy barrier.

Besides buying the live and sleep mattress, you will receive a free memory foam pillow that gives you excellent support around your neck’s base as well as your shoulders. If you probably experience stiff joints and sore muscles, the mattress is both soft and firm to give you a comfortable sleep without experiencing any pain.

During the upcoming festival seasons, the chances are that you will receive visitors who will spend several nights at your place. With the kind of mattress, you do not have to worry about stretching the mattress since the soft memory foam used when making it will certainly prevent body formation impressions.

Comfortable sleep for your whole family with Memory Foam Mattress

​Live and sleep mattress are available in different sizes that include twin, twin extra-long, full and double, full extra-long, queen size, sort RV/ camper/ trailer queen, king and Cal king sizes. Different sizes are suitable for different people with twin sizes, full mattress and twin extra-large good for children’s beds.

Are live and sleep mattresses by Memory Foam Mattress tested for safety?

When manufacturing the queen mattress, the emission of carbon dioxide is taken care of during shipping processes through the use of Smart Recycled packaging. The advanced packaging helps the manufacturers to fold and rock-pack the mattress up to one-third of its original size.

You should not panic once you receive a folded mattress since it still retains its original quality and goes back to its unique shape within a short period after spreading it on your bed.

​​Ultra Memory Foam Mattress pros

Tremendous Support – The 8.5 inches’ high-density support base offers your back and joints excellent support when sleeping.
Warrant – live and sleep the manufactures of the mattress give a 20 years’ warrant a fact that shows the confidence they have on their product.
Weight – Sleep ultra-mattress is light making easy to lift while moving it. With a weight of 76 pounds, it is easy to change covers even by one person.
Firm yet soft – The queen size mattress consists of a medium firmness with the foam and cushion that has a memory gel in between provides an excellent and comfortable posture.

​​Ultra Memory Foam Mattress cons

​Gel cooling – Similar to other mattresses, the gel memory foam used in the middle lacks the cooling effects.
Requires box-spring – you need to buy box springs since the mattress does not come equipped with one.
Sinks at the edge – The cushion foam top layer causes the sinking of the mattresses edge.

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