Top Modway Aveline Gel Infused Mattress Review

Today, selecting the best mattress in the market is not as easy as it used to be. This is due to the fact that there are hundreds of manufacturers making it hard to choose the best from the rest. But one of the top seller mattresses this post is going to highlight is the Modway Aveline gel infused mattress. There are unique features that make this mattress better than the traditional mattresses and this detailed Modway Aveline gel infused mattress review will tell you what you need to know before buying one

​Outstanding cover

The quality of the cover of this mattress is too good to be true. Most, if not all mattresses come with a cover, but non of the covers are worth being mentioned in a review. The cover that happens to be one of the key selling points of this mattress sits snugly around the mattress. So not only does this give additional support but also protects the mattress.

This part of the mattress is also the smoothest, as a result, you will find it easy pulling additional covers over it. But that’s not all, the mattress cover is also removable which makes it easy to clean your bed. This is good music to the ears of those who enjoy midnight munchies or drinks in bed. Also, those with children and pets will find this quite relieving.

​​What is a mattress without comfort?

Comfort is the first thing buyers look at before paying for the mattress; this Modway Aveline gel infused mattress review cannot leave that part aside. Everyone wants a bed that guarantees a good night’s sleep. The 10 inch Aveline mattress offers comfort like no other. The company says it offers a universal comfort. This means that the mattress is not too hard neither is it too soft. It is just right for all types of sleepers. But there is more that makes this mattress too comfortable; the construction of the mattress.

There are multiple layers that make up the Aveline mattress and this is what offers the comfort this mattress is known for. The first layer is the cover which is made with a stretch knit fabric. It zippers closed to keep the foam intact. You will also notice the diamond-knitted design which adds some sense of style to this mattress.

The second layer is a 3 inch gel-infused memory foam. This is the part of the mattress where technology takes center stage. The layer acts as a coolant to keep your body temperature at
a comfortable level during the night. This is also the part that disperses the body pressure and heat.

The second and last layer of the Modway Aveline gel infused mattress is the 7 inch dense polyurethane foam base. This is the layer that gets rid of any sleeping pain by offering the kind of comfort you get in a massage parlor. So what you get from this mattress is a personalized full body comfort.

​​​Maximum support

Did you know that there are mattresses that offer comfort but do not support the weight of your body? However, the Aveline mattress offers both comfort and support so that you can sleep soundly all night long. It does that by supporting your head to reduce the pressure around the neck region and the spine as well. This is made possible by the open cell memory foam queen mattress. Furthermore, the support this mattress offers helps align your spine and reduces pressure on your shoulders, hips and lower back.

​​​​​​​Easy to set up

You will be surprised when you receive your mattress after placing an order as it comes in a small box. However, this makes it easy to handle especially if you don’t have someone to help you unbox it. Setting up is also a walk in the park; just drag the box into your bedroom then cut the plastic away from the mattress. Unroll it onto your base and it will automatically start expanding. The expansion time is also quick and you will have your bed ready within no time.


It is an easy to clean mattress
The firmness is good for your body
It has a minimal motion transfer


Slight initial chemical odor
Doesn’t have edge support


​With that I mind, you now understand why this gel infused mattress is the top seller in the market. From the Modway Aveline gel infused mattress review, you may have noticed some drawbacks of this mattress. However, that doesn’t in any way affect the quality and the performance of the mattress.

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