Best Mattress for Back Pain | Buying Guide 2023

Millions of people do suffer from back pains and at times this comes hand in hand with sleep distractions as a result of discomfort. However, choosing the right mattress can reduce pains and aches throughout the night. This leaves you more relaxed and you can enjoy a peaceful night. People with back pain issues should consider the following factors when choosing a mattress.

best for back pain

​1. It Should Keep Your Spinal Cord Aligned
A good sleeping posture is necessary while sleeping. The muscles and tissues that join muscles together (ligaments) need to relax when you are asleep. If your mattress is too firm or squishy, it often does not support your spine at the neck region and the lower back.

However, the “firmness” differs in terms of someone’s preference. To make it easier for you, if you have wide hips, a slightly softer surface is suitable for you. Someone with narrow hips is better off with a firmer surface.

2. Consider A Longer Test Drive
If by any chance you have a pain free and restful night after spending the night at a friend’s home or in a hotel, make sure you note down the mattress model number. That might be the perfect mattress that will ease issues of back pains. However, there is an option of buying  mattresses that come with a money-back guarantee. Some mattress manufacturing companies enable you to buy a mattress and use it for 30 to 100 days and you could send it back for a refund if it does not meet your expectations.

3. Permanency
Unfortunately, mattresses do not last forever. They tend to wear out over time, turn out saggy, unaccommodating and often lead to aches and pains on the back. At large, a mattress that is eight years old needs to be replaced. It is common sense that an old
mattress cannot give a better support than a new mattress.

What Type Of Mattress Is Best For Back Pain?​

Various types of mattresses help to reduce back pains. They tend to be more supportive and less sagging. Here is a list of types of mattresses.

Air Mattress

The sagging and loss of support is usually an issue with the airbeds. The air chambers in the airbags do allow adjustable firmness that suits personal preferences and sleeping positions. The airbeds, nonetheless, with little or no comfort layer are said to be too firm on the lower back region mostly to the average to small sized sleepers.

air mattress

Memory Foam/ spring (Hybrid)

memory foam mattress

This hybrid mattress often gives average support. The conforming ability of the mattress tends to be good if it has at least two inches of the memory foam. The mattress comes in a variety of firmness options. Find your comfort firmness level. 

Foam Mattress

This kind of mattress often gives conforming ability and adequate support. The conforming ability tends to be fair if a material other than the memory foam is present. On the downside of the mattress, the foam mattress offers limited firmness options. 

foam mattress

Latex Mattress

latex mattress

The support level of the Latex mattress depends on whether the support layer is made of the Talalay or Dunlop. However, the Dunlop type often gives a better support. This type of mattress does give body impressions at first and later softens with time thus undermining support.

Final Verdict

Sleeping and pillows positions do matter. Owning the right mattress is one of the steps to recovering from back pains. Nonetheless, it is not the only thing that counts when it comes to managing your back pains. The kind of pillows you use and the way you position them also counts. It is necessary that you also consider the above factors before purchasing mattresses.

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