Lucid Latex Mattress Review- Best For Hip Pain

After a busy day, probably the only thing that comes to your mind is to drive home and have the best sleep to relax both your mind and body. If you possess a mattress that is not great, because you will finally have a hard and uncomfortable time trying to catch a nap. You cannot have a restful sleep on a poor quality mattress that is when shopping for a new mattress, go for one that will offer you peace of mind as you get lost to your dreamland. Lucid 10-Inch Latex Foam Mattress is the best mattress that you should purchase.

Here we are with the Lucid Latex Mattress Review for you. This mattress is the only option that can guarantee you an excellent rest in bed as you sleep your daily struggles out. The brand that currently gives you 13 individual designs has been in the market from the year 2012. The mattress has two layers, 3-inch blended latex top layer and also 7-inch foam base, therefore, making it best for you if you hate sinking trap feeling.

Where is Lucid Latex Mattress Made?

You may be wondering where the kind of mattress comes from right? I will tell you. Lucid 10-inch Latex Mattresses are products from China same case to other Lucid mattresses. The Chinese manufacturers though doesn’t follow the same guidelines like the US, their product is equally reliable and reasonable.

Features of Lucid Latex Mattress

​Latex Support

The Lucid Latex Mattress that has a dimension of 75*54*10 inches has a natural Dunlop blended latex with 90 percent natural and 10 percent synthetic latex that gives you a resilient feel and comfortable support. The latex prevents the sinking of the mattress by providing extra push backs.

The foam provides a perfect contour of deluxe cushions that positions you when sleeping in an ideal position. Therefore, you will have a sleep free of aches and muscle soreness that comes as a result of sleeping in a bad situation.

​Soft Breathable cover

A Tencel blend fabric cover creates a comfortable air layer at the mattress surface to improve your ability to breath when sleeping and natural moisture.

Ventilated for easy Breathing

The foam mattress that weighs 66 pounds has a ventilation design that helps to increase airflow through the latex foam layer. Certainly, you will have a comfortable sleeping environment when you can breathe at ease while sleeping.


With a rating of 6-8 firmness, the Lucid latex mattress doesn’t sink when sleeping therefore making it comfortable for you if you are a side or back sleeper. Though the manufacturers often claim that the mattress is medium firm, those who sleep on their stomach may find it extra firm.

​Hypo-Allergenic, Anti-bacterial, and Anti-Dust Mite

Lucid 10-inch latex foam mattress is great especially for small kids due to its natural hypo-allergenic, anti-dust mite, and anti-bacterial features. The natural features prevent organisms and bacteria from thriving on your bed making it the best for you if you are sensitive to chemical or allergies.

Lucid Latex Mattress pro and cons


A wide range of thickness and firmness option – mattress consists of a medium firmness with the foam in between that provides an excellent and comfortable posture.
Pocket-friendly price
Minimum noise
Close conforming and excellent motion isolation
30 days’ trial period
Helps in relieving back pain that comes as a result of lousy sleeping posture – The high-density support base gives your back and joints excellent support when sleeping.
Zero odor or off-gassing.
Resistant to allergens and dust mites
Firm yet pressure relieving for side and back sleepers
Excellent for couples because of its less motion-transfer
Conforms to body shapes and proper spine alignment comfortably
More than 20 years’ warrant – The Chinese manufactures of the mattress give a 20 years’ warrant a fact that proves the confidence they have on their product.


Too firm for stomach sleepers
A Short trial period since most manufactures gives up to 100 days’ trial period.
The cover is hard to replace and remove.
Some models feel hot when sleeping
If you are a fan of inner springs, Lucid doesn’t use springs – you need to buy box springs because the mattress does not come equipped with one.
Cumbersome to move around with – Though the mattress weighs 66 pounds, it is significant to be carried by one person.
​Odor potential for some models
​Most models lack edge support – The cushion foam top layer makes the mattress edge to sink.

​If you are looking for a latex mattress instead of memory foam, this Lucid one is your ultimate solution. You don’t need to think twice, just go for it and have peaceful sleep for years and years!

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