12″ Organic Cotton Memory Foam Mattress by Oliver Smith Mattress Review

Do you toss and turn at night because you can’t seem to ever get comfortable? Is your old mattress worn out and sagging in the middle? Do you find yourself constantly buying “extras” like body pillows or foam tops to compensate for a terrible night’s sleep? If so, then it might be time for you to consider a Memory Foam Mattress. Here we are! For you, with the Oliver Smith Memory Foam Mattress reviews.

These days, sleep is big business. You’ve no doubt seen commercials on television advertising the latest break-through in mattress technology and design. Each one promises you a better sleep than you’ve ever had before — and it typically comes with astronomically high prices that will keep you awake at night for years to come!

That’s where the Oliver Smith Memory Foam Mattress comes in. The Oliver Smith mattress offers you an amazing night’s sleep at just a fraction of the price you’d pay for those other, designer mattresses. Because the mattress comes in a variety of styles — from 10-inch comfort firm to 14-inch quilted pillow tops — as well as range of sizes — from full to king — you can easily pick and choose the size and style that will ensure you the greatest comfort for both your body, as well as your wallet. What’s more, every Oliver Smith mattress is 100% certified Green. This certification lets you know you are sleeping on materials that will feel natural to the touch, allowing you only the best night’s sleep.

Oliver Smith Organic Mattress – Quick specifications

Available as twin, full, queen or king
Available in thicknesses from 10- to 14-inch.
From firm to plush
Shipping weight for full mattresses: 35 pounds (other mattress sizes will weigh more or less, depending)
Constructed with with superior, high-strength pocket coils for firmness and stability
All Oliver Smith mattresses come with a 20-year warranty!

Oliver Smith Mattress Customer Reviews

If you’re not sure whether the Oliver Smith mattress is right for you, take a look at how many satisfied customers have visited Amazon to express their satisfaction with this product. 77 customers have given the Oliver Smith mattress an average of 4.3 stars out of 5. A quick scroll through these reviews shows just how happy customers are with the Oliver Smith mattress, saying things like “I sleep like a baby every night,” and that this mattress is “well worth the price.” With so many satisfied customers, you can rest assured that you will soon count yourself among this number with your Oliver Smith mattress!


100% natural organic covers
Ventilated memory foam keeps you cool and comfortable.
A wide range of comfort and firmness options allows you to choose the mattress that is best for you and your physical preferences.
100% Green Certified
High quality at less than half the price of other “designer” mattresses
Available in a wide variety of styles and comfort options for you to choose the right one for you


Vacuum-packed means easy and convenient shipping, but it can be difficult to return in original packaging.
A variety of firmness options means you definitely need to be aware of which mattress you’re interested in — this will ensure you get the right one and avoid confusion in ordering.
No Oeko-Tex 100 or CertiPUR-US certification is shown to inform the consumer of what chemicals have been used in the manufacturing process

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


With so much riding on your mattress choice (literally and metaphorically), buying a new mattress can be an agonizing decision. Buying the wrong one can mean that you are stuck for years, if not more, with the prospect of waking up miserable every single day. And returning a mattress can be as much of a hassle! That’s why it’s important to make sure the mattress you buy provides you with an excellent night’s sleep at an affordable price. Thankfully, the Oliver Smith mattress does just that. We’ve tried to make this Oliver smith mattress reviews informative enough for you. Still unsure about whether or not Oliver Smith is the mattress for you? Once you open the box and unroll your new mattress, you’ll know you have made the right choice!

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