How To Inflate An Intex Air Mattress With Built-In Pump

When it comes to air mattresses inflating them can be a real chore. Having to manually pump air into a bed will really wear you out! Thankfully there is one air mattress that comes with its own built-in pump. Intex air beds have built-in air pumps that make the process of inflating a breeze. Today we will learn how to inflate Intex air mattress with built-in pump.

The First Step in Inflating Intex Air Mattress

Once You have brought your new Intex air bed home, you will need to take it out of the box. Next, you will need to lay out the bed in the area you will be sleeping in. Make sure that there are no sharp objects in this area. This is especially important if you are camping. Just one small sharp stick could cause your new air mattress to leak down during the night.

The Second Step in Inflating Intex Air Mattress

The second step in the how to inflate Intex air mattress with built-in pump process is to look for the pump’s location. You can find the pump by looking at the end of the mattress. Once you have located the pump look for a secret compartment that houses the power cord. After pulling out the power cord you may need an extension cord if the power cord is too short to reach the wall. Once you have the pump plugged in, make sure the controls are set to inflate. Fill up the mattress with enough air for a comfortable sleep but avoid over-inflating it.

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Deflating an Intex Air Mattress

After you have finished using your Intex air mattress you should deflate it and put it away. Storing your air bed while not in use will help protect it and keep it from being damaged. To deflate the air mattress you will need to plug the built-in pump back into a power source. But instead of choosing the inflate option on the outside of the pump, use the deflate option. This will reverse the pump and it will draw all of the air out of the mattress. Once the deflation process is finished unplug the pump and place the power cord back into its compartment. Then you will need to carefully roll the mattress up and place it in the storage bag that it came with. You can also put it back in the original box for safe keeping.

In Conclusion

Know that you know how to inflate Intex air mattress with built-in pump the job will be super easy. Remember that the power cord is hidden away inside its own compartment. Also, keep in mind that you will need to clear the area in which you will be using the air bed before inflating it. This will help protect it from damage and keep it from leaking down in the middle of the night. These air beds are highly durable and should last you for many years if they are kept properly. So the next time you go camping or have a sleepover, why not use the built-in air pump to make things easier?

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