Live and Sleep Queen Memory Foam Mattress Review

I have to say, sleeping on the live and sleep queen memory foam is just like sleeping on the cloud. Sleeping on this mattress not only gives you a comfortable sleep, but it also provides your body with some support, supporting the back, to relief from pain.

Its feel on the body is so soft and dynamic; it feels like you’re sleeping on air. Its breathable helps to get rid of heat. Now that’s something, don’t you think. This mattress surprisingly comes at a very affordable rate. You can enjoy quality sleep at little expense.

Live And Sleep Queen Memory Foam Mattress

The basic ​features

This bed is a 10inch bed that provides you with not just comfort when you’re sleeping, but also support for your back. The bed has one of the first pressure relieving feature in the business, that you cannot pass out.
The top layer mattress is a 2.5 breathable mattress, with an HD air infused memory gel foam, that also provides support to the bed.
The solid core gives the bed that sturdy and firm feature, just like what you get in a hotel.
You can ship this mattress in a box to anywhere you want, thanks to its ability to compress. But even when it is compressed, it still doesn’t have that sinking feeling.
This bed is a bed that you can get as a matrimonial bed, it surely is strong enough to hold two persons, without any hassle. Because it doesn’t sink when you lay on it, or rather, it rises up after, you sleep on it.
The bed is truly one of quality and quantity, it’s quality is almost unrivaled, plus it space ensures you have an undisturbed sleep.

The Breathability Of This Mattress

Perhaps the most distinctive feature of this bed is its breathability. For those who would want to go all around looking for the best kind of bed, you should stop here and take a look at what this bed has to offer. This bed is very responsive. It is bouncy, a feature that you will not find in some memory mattresses.

With this feature, you can easily fold the bed, without getting that sunk feeling that other mattresses would get when they have been folded. Also, this bouncy attribute also contributes to the coolness of the bed.

One other thing that contributes to the cooling feature of the bed is the open cell format, that is used to make this foam. This kind of design allows the airflow of the bed to be at its peak, without the option of trapping the air and the heat together, as you would get from other memory foam.

Since they are different live and sleep queen memory foam mattress out there, you will have similar features, with slight differences in the cooling feature (with some more enhanced than the other).

The extra layers of the Live and Sleep Queen Memory Foam Mattress, also add to the support of the bed, making it extra sturdy for you to sleep comfortably in. All in all, the similarity between the brands of these mattresses is that they do not have that sinking feeling when you sleep or fold the bed.

For those side and back sleepers, the bed offers excellent support for you. For those stomach sleepers out there, you could still use this bed, but you would want to get a sturdier model.

Where It Is Made

This mattress is designed and made in the US and can be shipped anywhere in the US within two business days. The fact that it is produced domestically and also sold in-house gives, should assure you that the product is top notch.

Being an eco-friendly company, this bed is made with as little chemical gel as possible so that it doesn’t cause any problem when you want to get rid of it. Here are some of Live and Sleep Queen Mattress Foams out there you can use with comfort in mind.


Finding the perfect bed can be a challenge; I mean, you’d rather get good night’s rest than save up some money in your pocket, getting inferior bed. But when you find that perfect, it’s like sleeping on the cloud, and there can be no better feeling than that.

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