Etekcity Air Mattress Review- Portable Camping Mattress (Queen & Twin)

For most people, camping is a great way to relax and get away from modern society for a little while. However, just because you’re in the great outdoors doesn’t mean that you have to “rough it!” While you may not want all of the luxuries of home, one thing you shouldn’t be without is a comfortable place to sleep. In this article we’ve tried to give Etekcity air mattress review in details with every pros and cons you need to know!


Air mattresses are an excellent way to get a good night’s sleep while out camping. However, too often, many of these models are not designed to withstand the environments you may encounter on your travels. Fortunately, the Etekcity Camping Air Mattress is an exception. Let’s see what this bed can do for your next outdoor excursion!

Don’t Sleep on the Ground – Stay Protected

So what makes this air mattress so suitable for camping? More than anything, it’s designed to be as rugged and durable as possible while still providing exceptional support and comfort while you sleep.

The material used is extra-thick PVC. It has an inner and an outer lining that ensures that it won’t succumb to the rigorous elements you may face in the wild. Sleeping on uneven or hard terrain can be difficult enough, but the Etekcity Portable Inflatable High Air Mattress can handle it all with ease.

Leaks are also not an issue, thanks to the reinforced seams that prevent air from escaping. Not only that but even if something does manage to penetrate the walls of the mattress, it comes with a patch kit to keep you sleeping soundly for the rest of your trip. Overall, you don’t have to worry about losing your mattress the next time you go camping.

Etekcity Camping Air Mattress – Quick specifications

Flocked Top Won’t Slide

With some air mattresses, the top and the bottom are made of slick vinyl that can slip and slide during the night. You may wind up with half of your body off the bed by the time you wake up, which makes the whole thing rather pointless.

With this model, however, it has a flocked top and bottom to ensure that you won’t slide around in your sleep. Also, if you use a sleeping bag, it will stay in place whenever you reposition yourself throughout the night.

Nine Inches of Lift

While you will try your best to find a clear and flat place on which to pitch your tent, there is always the chance of an errant root or rock that can create a bulge in the ground. With some air mattresses, you will feel every indentation and protrusion, which makes it seem like you’re not even sleeping above the surface at all.

The Etekcity Mattress has nine inches of lift, which is more than enough to smooth out any imperfections in the terrain. Not only will you not feel the ground, but you’ll get sufficient support for your body while you sleep.

Rechargeable Inflator

If you’ve ever had to inflate an air mattress manually, then you know that it can make the whole experience less than desirable. However, modern versions usually have to be plugged in to operate their internal pumps. With this model, though, it comes with a rechargeable portable inflator. Best of all, you can use an AC adapter to charge the pump from your car battery, making it the perfect accessory for your next outdoor adventure.

Compact Storage

Finally, bringing an air mattress can seem prohibitive to some people because it can be rather bulky. Fortunately, the Etekcity Camping Air Mattress folds almost completely flat, meaning that it’s never going to take up too much room in your bag. The air pump is also compact and lightweight, so you don’t have to sacrifice anything for your comfort.

Customer Reviews

Although our endorsement of this air mattress may be enough to sway you into buying it, we want to provide a comprehensive analysis. We want to share what other people are saying about this mattress, including some of the negative responses as well. 

There are 114 reviews on Amazon, with 74% of them ranking this mattress with five stars. There are an additional 8% of four-star ratings. For comparison, there are 10% one-star ratings.

What are people complaining about? As with all air mattresses, there is a chance that the unit can leak. Although the material is reinforced, there may be imperfections in the seams that can cause minuscule leaks. Otherwise, there isn’t much negative about this product.


Reinforced PVC material lasts longer
Stronger seams to prevent leaks
Non-skid flocked top and bottom
Nine inches of lift provides insulation from the cold ground
Rechargeable inflator included
Mattress folds compactly for storage and transportation
Twin and queen sizes available


​Air pump is not very durable
​In rare cases, the mattress may leak slightly

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


Hope you will find this Etekcity air mattress review informative to decide whether this is the mattress you are looking for or not.  If you love camping and hate sleeping on the ground, you will appreciate having the Etekcity Air Mattress with you. While it’s not the most sophisticated model we’ve seen, it’s more than comfortable and reliable enough to make it a worthwhile addition to your camping gear.

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