Do Memory Foam Mattresses Need Box Springs

Some traditional mattresses are not supportive, sturdy and flat enough except with the support of bases. One example of such bases is the box spring which I will be talking about in this article.

Memory foam mattresses are one of the most supportive mattresses you can think of. But, do memory foam mattresses need box springs? Are they enough on their own? You will get answers in this article

do memory foam need box spring

What are box springs?

A box spring is a bed base having a strong wooden frame with springs. It doesn’t stand on its own as it is most times placed on a metal or wooden bed frame. But, a lot of people also use the mattress and box spring alone without a bed frame. Box springs are popularly called "Divan" in some countries as it is widely used. It is usually constructed with the same dimensions as the bed to be used.

In addition, the box spring is the foundation of a mattress. It gives such mattress enough support to make it last for a long time. As a result, it may last for years because of what it is built for. Even when beds are already well built and strong, box springs add even more firmness and durability to them, thereby increasing their longevity.

​Benefits of box springs for memory mattresses

They ease the process of getting in and out of bed
They add to the firmness and flatness of the memory foam mattress
They help prevent your mattresses from wearing fast and help them absorb shock better.

Do memory foam mattresses need box springs?

Some bedding experts say that you do not need box springs for your memory foam mattress. Memory foams are really sturdy enough to stay solid on flat surfaces, unlike the traditional mattresses that are less stable and comfortable. Therefore, you do not need a specific support such as box springs, for memory foams since they can even work well on the floor of your home.

However, using box springs for your memory foam mattress is not a bad choice at all. You can pull out your old box springs and use. The benefit of using box springs (or other mattress supports) is that they will help put your memory foam mattress up to a good height. Having your mattress away from the floor makes it easy for you to get in and out of bed.

Furthermore, it adds more support to your mattress so you can rest comfortably. It also helps absorb impacts because those springs do well in that. In my opinion, memory foam mattresses really do need box springs.


If you own a very good quality memory foam mattress, then you may not need box springs. However, it is perfectly fine to want them. The truth is, even though your mattress can stay on the floor firm and flat with no problems, you may still decide to use box springs for more advantages, such as sweeter dreams, better support, and longevity of your mattress.

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