Can you flip a Memory Foam Mattress?

Flipping your mattress is key to its exceptional performance and make it stay for an extended period. As a result of sleeping in one spot all the time, your body weight leaves an impression in that particular spot. If you fail to flip your mattress and give the space the ability to recover, you will be purchasing new mattresses within a short period. However, there are types of beds that you need not flip, but rotating the mattress will be your best bet.

Can you flip a Memory Foam Mattress

How to Flip a Memory Foam Mattress

Maybe you are asking how can you flip a memory foam mattress? By flipping a memory foam mattress, you pick up the mattress and put it back on the bed’s frame with the opposite side facing upwards. As you flip your mattress you should make sure the head side ends on the bottom side where the feet lie therefore when flipping your mattress; you have also rotated it 180 degrees. Memory foam tends to be heavier as you compare with some types of mattress which means you will need assistance from another person to flip the mattress comfortably.

How often can you flip a Memory Foam Mattress

To maintain a good condition of your mattress, you should at least flip your memory foam mattress once every six months. If your mattress is old whereby you can see or feel sagging and dipping of the mattress, you can flip it more times to maintain even wear out of the mattress. If you are a heavyweight person, your weight puts more pressure on the mattress than how a light person can put making it necessary to flip the mattress more times.

What happens if you don’t flip your mattress?

You and your spouse may be probably having a habit of cuddling while sleeping at night. The act brings you to the center of the mattress and puts more weight in the middle part of the mattress where your bodies meet. By not flipping your mattress your bed will start sinking and sagging at the middle furthermore making it difficult for you to sleep and also experience backaches. Mattress flipping is crucial if you share your bed with somebody else irrespective of their body weight. The added pressure will inevitably lead to irregular wear. As couples, you should flip your mattress at least once a month to maintain it for an extended period.

Benefits Of Flipping Your Mattress

​1. Flipping your Mattress Can Improve your Health

By maintaining a good shape of your mattress, your body experiences good sleeping support. This means that your spinal cord will be aligned reducing neck and back pain when waking up. Sleeping well, having enough sleep, and sleeping in a comfortable position is always linked to better health hence increasing your productivity.

​2. Flipping your Memory Foam Mattress Can Reduce Allergens

Flipping your mattress makes it easier to do a routine maintenance cleaning. If you are allergic to mattress allergens such as dust mites, it is always essential to reduce the number of dust mites by flipping your mattress to minimize the quantities of pesky allergens by not having one side exposed to your old skin cells and the house dust.

In Conclusion

Now I have answered your question on whether you can you flip a memory foam mattress. Flipping your bed cannot certainly make your mattress last forever, but it will extend its lifespan by several years and finally saving you money.

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