How To Clean Memory Foam Mattress Cover

A memory foam mattress cover is different from other mattress covers. When it comes to cleaning, a bit of knowledge is required. So, a lot of care is needed when cleaning this mattress cover. You will not want to damage it. It is also very important to clean it once or twice a year to get rid of dust particles, allergens and probably bacteria. Also, keep in mind that a lot of time is needed for drying. ​This is a step by step guideline for you to learn how to clean memory foam mattress cover. 

Before you begin to clean your memory foam cover, decide how you want to clean it. Do you want to wash the whole mattress cover? Or do you want to clean the surface of your mattress cover? Well, the decision is yours. But, this article is going to describe the steps involved in both processes but before that let’s have a list of the requirements. 


A clean flat surface to place the mattress
​clean soft towels or soft cotton cloth
washing detergent
spray bottle
baking soda
vacuum cleaner- hand-held
how to clean a memory foam mattress


​If you don’t want to clean your whole mattress topper, the following are the steps to follow:

1. Vacuum cleaning

This is the first step and it involves getting rid of dust, allergens, and bacteria. What you need to do is get your mattress cover off from your mattress, then place it on a clean flat surface and finally vacuum clean it.

2. Spot cleaning

This stage involves getting rid of all the stains on your foam mattress topper. The stains could be pet urine, colored juice or any other stains. You can use either baking soda or vinegar. Mix any of the two to form a milky white solution. Then, use a clean towel or a piece of cotton cloth to apply the mixture on the stained areas and wait for 30 minutes to one hour. Wipe the mixture from your mattress cover by using cloth and finally dry it with a clean towel.

3. Apply the detergent

Applying a detergent will help to prevent absorption of water to the inner parts of your mattress cover. When a lot of water is absorbed, your cover might take a very long time to dry. Therefore, you need a cloth washing detergent and a spray bottle. Using a spray bottle, apply the detergent on your mattress cover and leave it for about 30 minutes.

4. Rinse with water

Because your cover now contains soap and detergent, you must rinse it in cold water. Avoid using hot or warm water because it might destroy the texture or the softness of your cover. To make it simpler, use a spray bottle to apply cold water on the mattress cover. Repeat the process to get rid of all the soap and detergents. Furthermore, don’t forget to rinse both sides. After doing this your cover is probably clean. To dry it, use a clean towel or a piece of clean cotton cloth to get rid of the excess water.

5. Dry the mattress cover

After cleaning you will finally need to dry your cover. The best way to do this is to air dry the cover. There are two ways to do this; you can either keep it under a shade or inside an airy room. The other way is probably using a blow dryer. When using a blow dryer it is important to be careful. Do not allow excess heat to the cover because this might make it harder. It can also destroy its texture. Therefore, you need to keep a distance.


Vacuum cleaning
​Spot cleaning
Applying the detergent
how to clean memory foam mattress cover

After you are done, then you need to add the following two steps.

1. ​Washing with water

​As I said earlier, cold water is the best. Avoid hot water because of its negative effects. First of all, you need to keep your cover on a flat surface and wash it thoroughly. To get rid of the excess water, roll the topper inwards and press gently. Avoid using too much pressure because it might destroy your cover.

2. ​Drying

​Because a memory foam mattress cover needs a lot of time to dry, you can decide to do either of the following. Keep it under a shade or in an airy room or use a dryer. If it is properly dried, it will prevent the growth of mildew.

The above are some of the tips and tricks on how to clean memory foam mattress cover. What you need to avoid is exposing you mattress cover to direct sunlight, avoid using low-quality detergent and finally, ensure that it dries well.

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