Air Mattress Guide: How to Patch an Air Mattress with Super Glue

Air mattresses are wonderful to have and they make comfortable beds when out camping. While they are made mostly from durable materials, air beds are prone to getting tiny holes. These holes can allow air to slowly leak out which can cause your bed to deflate in the middle of the night. While a repair kit is the best method of repair, today we are going to learn a neat trick that you can use to stop air leaks. Below you will learn how to fix an air mattress with super glue. This method is quick and easy!

​Finding The Leak

Before you can fix an air leak you will first need to find it. As we already learned these holes can be super tiny and finding can a leak can be difficult. Start your search by standing your air mattress on end. Next, you will need to get a spray bottle and fill it with a mixture of water and soap. Once you have the soapy mixture ready, spray on the mattress. When the mixture is sprayed on a hole tiny bubbles will appear. This is a great way to quickly find any air leak. Once you have found the leak make sure to draw a circle around it with a red magic marker. This will help you keep an eye on the leak while you are getting your super glue ready.

​Gluing The Air Mattress Holes

After you have found the holes you might be asking yourself how to patch an air mattress with super glue? We will answer that question now. This super glue fix is perfect for small holes, but keep in mind that larger holes will require a repair kit. Start by deflating your air mattress and lay it on a hard surface. Next, find the area that you marked and clean it off with a wet rag or paper towel. Then carefully open your super glue and squeeze the gel into the hole. Then you will need to let it dry for several hours.

Testing Out Your Air Mattress Fix

Now that you have let the super glue dry for several hours it is time to test it out. Start by inflating the air mattress and carefully listen out for leaks. Place your hands over the holes to see if you can feel any air coming out. If all is good and you don’t hear any air, leave it inflated for several hours to see if it leaks down. Make sure you test your air bed out before it gets dark so that the mattress will be ready to use.

In Conclusion

As you can see this is a quick fix that really works well. Now you know how to fix an air mattress with super glue you will never have to sleep on the floor again. You should always remember to carry some super glue with you because it works wonders. There are many more uses for this amazing glue! So the next time you have a pinhole in your air bed, don’t throw it out. Simply fix it with some super glue.

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