Can You Steam Clean A Memory Foam Mattress

Messy accidents happen that leave big, deep stains on mattresses. If you own a memory foam, then you will know how much worry this can cause for you. It is even more worrisome when you have tried all the other regular methods for cleaning memory foams and they do not work completely. The question now is: can you steam clean a memory foam? Read on as I will be explaining this in this article.

What is steam cleaning?

I need to first explain what steam cleaning means in case you have or haven’t heard of it but do not know what it really means or how it works.

Steam cleaning is a mess free method of cleaning with steam. Also, it is a highly effective, very hygienic and chemical free process. It works for industrial purposes such as cleaning machines or removing dirts from engines. The cleaning method is also very effective or residential use as well. It is useful for cleaning floors, walls and so on.

Furthermore, this eco-friendly cleaning method can be used on mattresses too. Afterall, sweat, dead skin, and other forms of dirts accumulate on our beds which may breed germs. A steam cleaner can do a good job by using heat to kill germs and make your mattress feel fresh again. 

Can you steam clean your memory foam mattress?

Well, the answer to your question is “Yes, you can. But, you should not! Steam cleaning for memory foams should be your last resort.

Using a steam cleaner on a memory foam is not recommended; however it is possible if you choose to take the risk. Please note that using a steam cleaner for your memory foam might ruin it. Even manufacturers of memory mattresses do not recommend steam cleaning. Therefore, taking that step is at your mattress’ risk.

How can you clean your memory foam mattress?

There are other ways to clean your memory mattress without damaging it. Vinegar and soda might just be a perfect way to get that vomit, urine, and other bad smelling stains off your memory foam.

Remove any sheets/covers on the mattress. Mix in a bowl white vinegar and water in equal halves. Try to get out the liquid dirt with paper towels. Then, dip in another clean paper towel into your mixture and tap on the affected area. Exert mild pressure on the vinegar and water soaked towel, then, dry it up with a fresh towel immediately. Ensure you cover all area soaked with the mess.

Once you succeed with the vinegar treatment, get a box of baking soda and empty it generously on the stained area that it forms some inches above of it. Allow the powder to sit there for hours while you go about other chores. Finally, vacuum up the powder and you will smile at the result.

Certainly, this mixture works. However, there might be cases of really tough stains that you do not feel satisfied with the white vinegar and water. As and a result, you may decide to go for steam clenched which is totally up to you. It may damage your bed.

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​In Conclusion

Steam cleaners do a great job both for industrial and residential cleaning. Mattresses are also part of what people use steam cleaners for. However, as you already know, it is not the best idea for some mattresses such as memory foams. If you use it, then you should expect anything that comes with it.

Finally, if your foam seems beyond redemption and is in a deep mess, perhaps disposing of it might be the safest thing to do. That germs invaded mattress isn’t worth your good health, is it?

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