Can Bed Bugs Live In Memory Foam Mattress

Bed bugs do not dig tunnels. The fact that the memory foam mattress is made of memory foam does not prevent bed bugs from being present on the walls of the bed, mattress or sheets and reproducing there. But, can bed bugs live in memory foam mattresses?

When bed bugs invade a room in the house, it is essential to get rid of it in the best way possible, to limit expansion. If by chance you notice the presence of these harmful insects on your mattress or bedding, the following will be greatly needed.

Start by protecting yourself! The reflex to adopt in the presence of bed bugs is to prevent them from scattering. To do this, you must first treat the infested part with all the objects in it. Basic treatment always starts with a bed bug trap.

Can bed bugs live in memory foam mattress

Homemade bugs traps for memory foam mattress… simple, but very effective!

The use of a bed bug trap is an excellent way to prevent these insects from accessing the bed base and the mattress. You do not have to spend money to get one, home-made devices are always effective. You will find in the following table the bugs traps that you can make yourself:

Bedbug mattress: bedbug traps ready for use in stores

If bugs traps do not tempt you, you can always buy one in supermarkets. Various models are available to you according to your budget.

What are the varieties of bed bug traps available in stores?

The traps bugs ready to use are different in size and design, but their function remains the same. To capture insects that venture into your room and especially your bed, you can choose between these two models:

  1.  The undersides of footboards: These anti-tipping devices are circular in shape. They are distinguished by their small receptacles in which a certain amount of talc is placed. Arranged under each footboard, they grip the bugs that come down from the bed while preventing those on the ground from rising to the bed.
  2.  Adhesive kits: In stores, you will find kit traps that consist essentially of a case coated with glue and a synthesized edible substance. This accessory requires no complex installation, just take it out of its packaging and place it near your bed. The food substance helps to attract bedbugs, while the sticky box is used to prevent them from starting again.
bed bug


You should know that these traps are not enough to get rid of bed bugs permanently. Indeed, it is still necessary that you adopt another system of treatment in addition.

What technique to adopt to completely eradicate bed bugs from memory foam mattress?

To permanently get rid of bed bugs , you have the choice between chemical treatment, biological treatment, heat treatment, and mechanical treatment. For even more results, you can combine several disinfection techniques.

This is to broadcast dry heat in an enclosed space, including the room where the infestation takes place. Thanks to this heat propagation, the room and all the objects in it are heated up to 60 degrees. It is this high temperature which, contributing to the dehydration of the bugs, will kill them.

Heat treatment has many advantages:

It not only kills bedbugs, but also larvae and eggs
Propagated heat does not emit any odor
The process is not toxic to the occupants of the house
Reoccupation of the premises is possible as soon as the temperature in the room returns to normal

During chemical treatment, bedbugs are neutralized using a low-pressure sprayer containing toxic powder. This insecticide acts effectively on insects and larvae, but remains ineffective against the strong resistance of eggs. Sometimes, disinsectiseurs opt for an atomizer to eliminate bed bugs. It is a device for the vaporization of droplets which, using a turbine, are propelled with the active product throughout the room.

Still in the context of a chemical disinfection, it is also possible to use a fumigator. Through the fumigation system, insecticide particles are scattered throughout the treated area to reach bedbugs, larvae and eggs.

Nothing is better than diatomaceous earth to treat the bed bug invasion in a biological way. To do this, simply obtain a bag of diatomite food grade and a sprayer in supermarkets. Put diatomaceous earth throughout the room, emphasize the corners of the furniture, not to mention the folds of the mattress and the covered areas of the bed frame. A biological treatment product par excellence, Diatomaceous earth is made up of skeletons and fossilized diatom bones. This mineral silica is characterized by sharp particles that, in contact with the stink bug, will cause dehydration and therefore death.

It should be noted that mechanical treatments must be accompanied by another disinfection system to be 100% effective. However, it is important to recognize that they contribute enormously to the extermination of bed bugs even if they do not constitute an autonomous treatment technique.

 The aspiration: You can use a vacuum cleaner, a nozzle, or a turbo brush to get rid of bed bugs, their eggs and their larvae. For a perfect result, redo the suction on the parts of the room likely to shelter them (folds of the mattress, seams of the quilts …).

• The washing machine: To eliminate bed bugs with a wash, set the washer to the maximum heat option. Also lengthen the wash time so that no insects come out alive.

 Ironing: Iron your clothes with a steam iron and insist on seams and folds. Do not hesitate to put the thermostat of the iron to the maximum to complete the disinsectization.

What are the precautions to take in addition to the treatments adopted?bugs?

Even if you are still doing specific treatment , bedbugs may reappear at any time if you do not protect yourself properly. Here are some recommendations to limit the invasion of these harmful insects:

Use an airtight cover to protect your mattress. This will prevent the bugs from accessing them.
Also treat soft toys, shoes, bags, and cushions (using the washing machine technique for example).
Disassemble the sockets and switches, then pour diatomaceous earth at the bottom of the installations before putting them back in place.
Vacuum all furniture and wrap the furniture in a plastic tarpaulin. Spray insecticide inside the tarpaulin and close it with tape.

When your room is infected, avoid the following actions at the risk of contaminating the whole house:

​Shake the bedcloth to get rid of bedbugs (they may cling to the wall or windows, then return home).
Take the infected mattress out (carrying it in the hallways can contaminate the whole house)
Spray insecticides directly on the bed (these products can be toxic to you when they will not be used for the elimination of bed bugs)

Who to contact for disinfection? Some treatment techniques do not require the intervention of a professional . For a mechanical disinfection for example, you can take care of it yourself. For chemical treatment or heat treatment, it is necessary to get help from a specialist. We can put you in touch with the most experienced in your area if needed.
Hope you could find your answer to can bed bugs live in memory foam mattresses.

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