Hybrid Mattress: Olee Sleep Hybrid Mattress Review

Sometimes you just cannot explain what you really want in a mattress. One day you wish to enjoy all the modern day technologies put in a hybrid mattress and another day all you dream of is the traditional feeling that comes with them. But at the end you realize what you really need is a blend of both feeling. No, you’re not weird, I totally understand that mixed feeling.

What if I tell you- right now- that your dream can come true? You can have both the modern innovation and the traditional one in one single product. You will soon see how in this Olee Sleep Hybrid Mattress review.

The mattress gives you that traditional spring quality in mattresses, but even better. Thanks to its pocket spring feature. Not only that, it is one of the best memory foams you can find. Continue reading my Olee Sleep Hybrid Mattress review and discover a lot of amazing features.

​​​​​​​Know Before You Buy Olee Sleep Hybrid Mattress

​Now that you trust me enough to keep reading this article, let me tell you about a 5-layer, comfort giving mattress. It is the Olee Sleep Hybrid Mattress.

Pocket spring and gel infused memory foam layers

The hybrid mattress has a pocket spring construction in one of its layers. The pocket spring layer allows you to get adequate support all through your body. It reacts according to your weight and the pressure put on the bed. Therefore, you will be free from strains on your high pressure areas.

​Sleep cool, no pressure

Also, amongst the five layers is the gel infused soft memory foam. This layer allows your mattress to adapt well to your body shape as it contours with your structure to ease pressure points. The gel infusion in this foam ensures you sleep cool as there is proper regulation of your body temperature. It eradicates sweating and unnecessary heat.

Certainly, the combination of the pocket spring layer and the gel infused memory foam layer is an excellent one. This unity will give you luxurious comfort because they work together perfectly. This combo will ensure you get correct spinal alignment. With that done, issues like back pain will not emanate. Plus, it might just eliminate your already existing back aches.

Stays fresh effortlessly

Moreover, the make up of this Olee Sleep product will help you keep your mattress fresh. It is a very breathable mattress, thanks to the pocket spring. Air will move around easily in your mattress unlike the regular full foam mattress. This will also add to your cool sleeping benefits.

Easy maintenance

Furthermore, the 13-inch mattress features a soft Polyester Jacquard fabric cover that conceals the amazing five layers. This cover is highly durable and washable too;therefore, maintenance is not a problem.

Safe for you, safe for the environment

Another important thing about the Olee Sleep Hybrid Mattress that may interest you to know is that it is eco-friendly. This mattress is tested and confirmed to be free from harmful substances such as mercury, lead, and other heavy metals. It has a certification from CertiPUR-US. As you enjoy comfort from your mattress, so do you and the environment enjoy safety too. The materials used are also devoid of ozone depleters, formaldehyde, and other sorts of harmful chemicals.

No more motion transfer

Also, motion transfer is no longer a problem for you. If you do share your bed with someone, you will understand how disturbing motion transfer could be. But with Olee Sleep Hybrid mattress, your partner’s movements won’t cause motion discomforts to you. You won’t continue to wake up each time your partner in sleep makes the slightest move.


​The mattress has a CertiPUR-US certification
​It features high density foam
​It comes with a washable cover
​Minimises motion transfer
​​Eases pressure points


May be too hard for some users depending on choice

In Conclusion

After reading this Olee Sleep Hybrid Mattress review, I hope you find the product features as interesting as I did when writing this article. I highly recommend this product to you for its durability, quality, and comfort.

The manufacturer is giving you some traditional feel while not leaving out the modern innovations too. Honestly, this product is a power packed one. I see it as that one mattress that solves almost, if not all, of the mattress problems in the world. The goal is not to exaggerate, but to ensure this Olee Sleep Hybrid Mattress review adds some benefits to you.

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