Dream Foam Arctic Dreams Mattress Review

Artic dream mattress is ideal for soft sleepers. Besides, it has an amazing deign. Additionally, it has a premium material and a nice cooling system. If you are looking for a good mattress then, Dream foam Arctic is the best bet for your money. It has a dimension of 65 x 13.2 x 12 inches and weighs 60 pounds. Read on this Dream Foam Arctic Dreams mattress review to know why this is a perfect mattress for you

Dream Foam Arctic Mattress ​Composition

Arctic Dream mattress has three layers. The top layer has a super soft quilt of just 0.75 inches. The second layer has 3 inches of Energex gel foam. The gel offers a bounce back. The bounce back is beneficial for “bedroom activities” rather than sleeping.

Cheap foam mattresses have less bounce thus aren’t that good. This product from Dreamfoam is certainly an awesome product. Energex Gel foam on this mattress will keep you cool all night long. It makes sure there is enough airflow and that no heat is retained. This mattress will come in handy for people who sweat a lot at night.

The last layer on this phone has a high density foam which is 6.25 inches thick. It will offer support and helps in spinal alignment

Dreamfoam Company is certified by CertiPUR-US, This means the mattress meets all the right requirements. Dreamfoam is offering a 10 year warranty and a 90 day free trail. If you don’t like the product you can always return it. Their refund policy is easy and there is no hassle.

This is probably the best offer on a mattress. The warranty period and the free trial period is quite fascinating and furthermore at such a low price.

​Stand Out Features of Dream Foam

Energex gel foam: This Energex foam is quite awesome. It has a fast response and bounce back. Very great for couples.
Cool: The cooling gel makes sleeping quite easy. The cooling gel will keep you cool all night long and there will be plenty of airflow. This feature is quite cool.
Made in the USA: Every single inch of this product was made in the USA.

Pros of Dream Foam

It’s Very Comfortable

​I can certainly say that this mattress is quite comfortable. Dreamfoam Arctic didn’t disappoint when they made this product. The mattress has a plush feeling which makes it interesting. With their 90 day free trail you can buy the mattress and if it’s not really comfortable you can return it.

This is one of those mattresses that make you feel like you are on a cloud have a sound sleep. A good thing with this mattress is that it’s not the sinking type.
Distributes Weight all over the Bed

​With this mattress you won’t wake up feeling any back pains or tired or a crick in your neck. The mattress distributes your weight all over the mattress instead of putting the pressure at just one point.
Easy Shipping

This mattress will be delivered to you directly to your door. Before you start assembling the mattress, take it to the bedroom. It expands quite quickly. It takes just 24 hours for each to reach its full capacity.
​Lots of Options

Arctic Dreamfoam comes in a variety of thickness. You get a mattress of 8, 10 or 12 inches. The 10 inch mattress is quite comfortable but it’s easy for someone to be tempted to buy the 12 inch mattress.


Not Supportive Enough for Bad Backs

​Arctic Dream foam mattress is not ideal for people with bad back. Due to the softness of the mattress, it does not support their spinal cord. Besides, at just 10 inches the mattress is quite shallow for people with back problems.
Softens at the Sides over Time

​​This mattress from Arctic Dreamfoam doesn’t hold up as expected. Users discovered that after some years or months of use the mattress softened. This doesn’t mean the mattress is bad quality.

Why You Should Buy This Mattress

​That’s all about Dream Foam Arctic Dreams mattress review… I can certainly recommend this product to someone. The cooling gel in this mattress is quite effective. At a cheap price you are getting an awesome product that will last for long. The manufacturers of this matter really did a good job. All the features on this mattress will impress you a lot.

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