Zinus Sleep Master Ultima Memory Foam Mattress Review

The Sleep Master mattress is a product of Zinus Inc., a leading company in the mattress industry with experience of over 26 years. The company commits to manufacturing mattresses that offer support and comfort to their customers at an affordable price. The company ensures better sleep by providing this mattress as a real example of its commitment. High-density support foam, pressure releasing comfort foam, and high-quality memory foam comprise the mattress.

The Sleep Master mattress utilizes CertiPUR-US Certified materials, ensuring that the manufacturing process does not involve any harsh chemicals. This makes it healthy for you and safe for the environment.

To help keep the mattress fresh for a long time, the company uses Bio Foam natural plant oil instead of petroleum during the manufacturing process.

​Like other Zinus products, the manufacturer ships the Sleep Master directly to the customer. This help to eliminate stressful situations when shopping from a store, and also it reduces unnecessary costs. However, the downside of this is that you cannot try the mattress out before purchasing it. As a result, it will be tough to determine whether the mattress offers the qualities and comfort you are looking for. To assist you in deciding whether Zinus Sleep Master is the right choice for you, which have created this in-depth review, which examines all the details of this mattress thoroughly.

​Sleep Master Memory Foam Mattress: The Details

​Item Weight: 89 pounds
Warranty: 10 years limited
Expansion Period: 48 hours
​Cover:  Knitted Jacquard cover
​Mattress Composition: 6-inch high-density base support foam, 3-inch Pressure relieving Comfort Foam, and 3-inch Bio Foam memory foam
​Hardness: Medium-Firm
Product Dimensions: 80 x 60 x 12 inches
​Sleep Master mattress is the Queen, 12-Inch configuration.

​It is also available in California King, Short Queen, King, Full, Twin XL and Twin. Other styles include 10-inch and 8-inch.

Stand-Out Features

Apart from considering the low price, the Zinus Sleep Master ultima mattress manages to have a lot of features in its 6” density. Below are some outstanding features you should be aware of:

BigFoam Memory Foam– Mostly, petroleum is used in most memory foam mattresses. By using BioFoam, Zinus mattresses become outstanding from other companies keeping your mattress fresh and dry.
CertiPUR Base FoamAll the materials used in manufacturing this mattress are certified in the United States for durability, performance, and content.
Smart Shipping– The mattress is shipped via UPS or FedEx, rolled and compressed into a space-efficient box.

Advantages of Sleep Master Memory Foam

It is Comfortable

You are guaranteed to have a comfortable night sleep on the Sleep Master Memory Foam as it comprises of a plush top cover encasing a total of 6 inches memory foam. It is definitely going to favor those people who prefer a softer night sleep, and also including side and stomach sleepers.

Sleeps Fresh and Cool

One of the first things you think about cheaper mattresses is that it is probably going to get very hot at night, leading to general discomfort and sweating. We are happy to assure you this is not the case with Zinus sleep master.

​Very Cheap

Probably the most attractive thing about this memory foam mattress is the fact that it is very cheap. We know nowadays there are numerous low-cost mattresses, but this one truly represents excellent value for your hard-earned money thanks to its superb quality.

​​Sleep Master Ultima Comfort Disadvantages

​Unfortunately, not everything is fantastic about this mattress, and you will need to accept some compromises. Here is the main issue you should consider before purchasing the mattress.

​Sags a Little Over Time

One of the main comprises you should accept with cheaper products is that their durability is never appealing compared to more expensive ones. While you are likely to get comfort from Zinus Memory Foam mattress for a few years, be prepared to experience some decrease in support and sagging as the years go by.

Overall Verdict on the Sleep Master Ultima

​Particularly for sleepers on a budget, we highly recommend the Zinus Ultima mattress. It offers higher levels of support and comfort in a low cost, yet quality product. Additionally, it is shipped easily and quickly direct to your door. It is not going to last forever, but it is absolutely an excellent all-around mattress at a low price.

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