Premium Sleep Mattress Review: Light Your Path to Dreaming

Are you unsure about what kind of memory foam mattress is the best for you? Are you in search of a big upgrade from a box spring mattress that is just about ready to be decommissioned? Read our Live Sleep mattress review, the best cooling medium firm memory foam mattress! This mattress may just be what you are looking for in a brand new mattress. Check this out! 

The Resort mattress is completely soft, breathable and made of high quality materials to gear you for a wonderful night’s sleep each night. This mattress consists of three beneficial layers that all come together to give you superior softness and support. This Live and Sleep mattress will relieve you of back pain and will not aggravate your joints like other mattresses. Its extra thick profile is resembling of beds used at luxury resorts, so you can sleep like you are in the middle of an extravagant getaway. Tossing and turning will also be a thing of the past, as it is fairly simply to find a relaxing position and fall fast asleep. There is no need to worry about waking up sore or restless.

Live And Sleep Mattress – Quick specifications

Medium firm feel.
Available in Short Queen, Queen, Twin, King, Full, California King and Twin XL sizes
Available in 8 or 12-inch thicknesses.
Consists of a 3-inch visco layer, on top of 2-inch convoluted foam, on top of a 4 or 7-inch high-density support base.
CertiPUR-US certified.
For men and women.
Takes full form in between 24 to 72 hours.

What Critics Are Saying

The Resort mattress is one of the top rated mattresses with a 4.5 average star rating after 57 reviews. The majority of customers enjoy the firmness and versatility of this memory foam mattress, and prove how it is money that is worth the investment. There are a couple of complaints with this mattress and the primary concern is how the mattress is capable of supporting sleepers that are close to 300 pounds.


The Resort mattress is professionally well made and is made of high quality materials. This definitely has a premium feel to it, and if you are looking for a new experience at night in bed, the comfort will certainly surprise you. This mattress also keeps you cool at night with breathable fabrics, not allowing you to sweat and feel uncomfortable.


One caveat to this memory foam mattress is the cost. This mattress costs close to 400 dollars. With that said, there are less expensive mattresses that might give you a similar sleeping experience, and claim to offer the same features as the Resort mattress.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


For costing almost 400 dollars, it does not really offer anything unique or different from other memory foam mattresses. While it is incredibly comfortable, can keep you cool at night, and will not cause you pain, the same can be said about other mattresses that cost half as much. Some people have different tastes regarding comfort, however, and the different “luxury” feel of this mattress might make all the difference to the satisfaction of their sleeping experience. If you enjoy the sensation of sleeping in the bed of a luxury hotel, this is practically the only reason to buy such a memory foam mattress.

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